2019 Q1 Report - An Inventory Check of Loves & Likes

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I began this blog at the start of 2019 as a project of sorts - it barely has structure or consistency, which is how all good projects should start (I think). After graduating, I've tried to be more attentive - capturing floating thoughts and content from left and right. This is an attempt at an evolution - attention with consolidation. Consolidation is a process of solidification, a sort of an end-of-day inventory check of the brain; what stayed, what didn't, what's lingering.

On a quarterly basis, I want to complete an inventory check of what's crossed my mind - what's been significant and made an impact. (Inspired by what Alan Jacobs does weekly if you follow his newsletter). The idea is to solidify the quarter, to end with a statement of what it was - this creates a mental entity that occupies a place in the mind, providing a reference for future thoughts. (Freezing water into ice cubes makes it easier to carry it with your hands). Here goes.

Report Guidelines

Note that these are in no particular order.

Note that I will always certainly miss including important things in retrospect - but maybe that's for the best.

Note that to reduce disorder, I have 2 categories an item can fall into: What I Loved and what I Liked.

What I Loved (Bolded Items)

I have specific definition for Love. Love for me is 'that which we come back to' - if I didn't access the material again after some time apart (rewatched an episode, read a chapter again, thought about it more later, etc.), it's not love. And I also think we shouldn't be shy to include past discovered items if they made an impact again. By definition, these items don't have a one-time usage policy.

What I Liked (Normal Text)

Everything that I didn't love (i.e. haven't come back to yet) but it had a significant enough impact to include. These items have potential that could lead to love. Maybe they'll appear as loved ones in future reports.

Report: 2019 Q1 (Jan - Mar)

Section A: Reading

  • Augustus by John Williams (Book) (Essay)

  • Digital Humanities: Machine Learning & Intrinsic Criticism by James E. Dobson (Essay)

  • Naval's Advice on 'Reading what you like until you read what you should' (Tweet)

  • Commentary on Voyeurism in The Lonely City by Olivia Liang (Book) (Post)

  • Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interview by Calvin Tomkins (Book)

  • Godric by Frederick Buechner (Book)

  • Bits and pieces of Susan Sontag's Journals (Book)

  • Dear Alain by Katy Bohinc (Book) (Interview)

  • Famous by Naomi Shihab Nye (Poem)

  • The Cost of Canada's Data Deficit (Article)

  • Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord (Book)

  • Earslips: Of Mishearings and Mondegreens by Steve Connor (Essay) and some Commentary (Tweet)

  • Wait by Galway Kinnel (Poem)

  • Letters to an Inspiring Intellectual by Paul J. Griffiths (Essay) (Post)

  • Violence by Slavoj Zizek (Book) (Post)

  • The Creative Act by Marcel Duchamp (Essay) (Post)

  • Send out your Dogs quote by Herzog (Quote)

  • US Document on How to Spot a Communist (Tweet) (Article)

  • The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes (Essay)

  • What is an Author by Foucault (Essay)

  • Alan Jacobs' Blog (Blog)

  • Reading with a Pencil by Austin Kleon (Post)

  • Duchamp's Emphasis on Chance as an escape from Rationality (Quote)

Section B: Seeing

Section C: Listening

  • Grandmother Song by Vienna Teng (Song) (Clip)

  • Hills End by DMA'S (Album)

  • For Now by DMA'S (Album)

  • Go Farther in Lightness by Gang of Youths (Album)

  • Palo Alto by Jack River (Song)

  • Slow Mover by Angie McMahon (Song)

  • Australia by The Shins (Song) (Post)

  • The Ends of Man lecture on Derrida by Rick Roderick (Lecture)

  • Verifying and Understanding Hadith by Dr. Jonathan Brown (Lecture)

  • The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers (Album)

  • Food and Liquor by Lupe Fiasco (Album)

  • I Know It's Over by The Smiths (Song)

  • Coffee and Flowers (Podcast)

  • Happy Birthday, Johnny by St. Vincent (Song)

  • Marx and Engels by Belle and Sebastian (Song) (Post)

Section D: Others

These are generally tech related, my own work, or just thoughts.

  • Coca Cola as a symbol (Tweet)

  • A new coordinate system for conversations around morality of action. (Tweet)

  • Fun, memorable Tweet about noise-cancelling headphones (Tweet)

  • How Ideas are not always good habits to have (Post)

  • A bunch of stuff about EU new data regulation GDPR (Post)

  • Process of unifying one's online content (Tweet)

  • Sapir-Whorf for UIs - How Structure effects our Thinking (Post) (Tweet)

  • Electricity Map - Climate Impact by area (Web App)

  • Tarteel: Shazam for Quran (Web App)

  • My own Music Map (Web App) (Post)

  • Twitter Network Graphing (Post) and Information Analysis (Post)

Section E: MVPS of the Quarter

People I drew various forms of inspiration from, that were on my mind alot, or just super interesting.

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