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Optimizing Source-Based-Language-Learning using Genetic Algorithm
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What is Source-Based-Language-Learning in this context? Very simple — it is my way of describing the process of learning a language to literally understand a source (i.e. book, speech, etc.). In the specific case of what I will be sharing, it translates to learning Classical Arabic to be able to read/comprehend the Quran (in its native language, without translation)....

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The Umbrella Academy as Slavoj Zizek's Violence

Basic Relations to Keep in Mind :
(format: In Umbrella Academy = In Violence by Zizek)

  • The Commission = Objective Violence

  • Number Five (+ Umbrella Academy except Vanya) = Liberal Communists, brutal humanitarians (+ variants)

  • Vanya = Subjective Violence

  • 'The Way Things are Meant To Be' (Correct Historical Course) = Current socio-economic order (Liberalism-Capitalism)

Warning! This post is full of spoilers.