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Twiring Diagrams - Data Visualization (Art) from Tweeting Behaviour
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Automatic topic-modelling and generation of 'wiring' drawings based on user's tweet history.

Twiring comes from Twitter+Wiring — because these diagrams look like ‘wiring’ diagrams. but also, twiring is to To glance shyly or slyly and that’s precisely the functionality of this form of visualization.

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Representation is Hard Work

Recently a statement by the director/screenwriter of Godless (a ‘feminist’ Western) caught my eye as he was explaining his placement of women in the plot:

“I worked hard for them [women] to save themselves. The army doesn’t come; they have to fend for themselves.”
   — Scott Frank (Director of Godless)

Often people comment on art as if representing against the status-quo is simply a matter of choice - forgetting the skill required to not break the spell of an art work as it represents something outside the norm. I’ve often seen friends applaud ‘representation’ and I have to kind of nod and smile in a politically correct fashion even if I think the ‘representation’ was detrimental for the art.

Almost Beautiful Enough to Forget (the Evil)

Felicity Jones' Monologue in True Story

I know many curious folks (myself included) tend to enjoy exploring the narcissistic killers we make movies/series about (Ted Bundy, etc.). The danger of staring into the abyss is captivating, but at some point, you ask the question, 'Why do I want to understand these terrible, narcissistic killers?'.

With regards to this question, I keep coming back to a monologue by Felicity Jones' [Jill Barker] in True Story (which, ironically, is about a narcissistic killer..).